Change 4 Change // 9th Grade Night

Posted on 4/18/2023 11:21:00 AM


We are asking in the month of April for students to bring their spare change to help build what we started in the fall of trying to help fund a child through Food For The Hungry. Why are we excited about this? 

1. We get to give in a way that is helpful

2. We get to write letters, and actually have a relationship with the student our age

3. If everyone brings $2 we already will make our goal! 

6th Grade//9th Grade Night - April 26

We are inviting all 9th graders and their small group leader to check out BIGhouse this night. All 9th graders can meet their leader at Orchard Hill Church at 7pm to experience what a night with high schoolers look like! We are excited for their next journey

We are also inviting incoming 6th graders to check out CHAOS and meet their potential leaders for next year! We can't wait to meet them. 

Stories at Work:

Holy week we had a surprise banquet with a fun meal, decorated gym, and two brave leaders who shared their testimony and a verse in the Bible that means the most to them. Thank you Emily Person and Nathan Nanda who shared what their walk with Jesus has been. If you want to listen to it, it will be on our podcasts next week. Check our some of our moments captured that night. 

Current Series: "In My Feelings" - What does God say about Anxiety and Depression.. How do we walk through that. 

Next Series: "Better Call Paul" - Who was Paul in the Bible? Why did he write so many letters. What does he say about why we need Jesus! 


We love to hear from you! Feel free to directly respond to this blog if you have questions or encouraging stories to share!



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