CHAOS Tomorrow - Off To A Great Start!

Posted on 9/13/2022 3:23:00 PM


Kick off, carnival style went amazingly last week! We had a blast getting to know everyone, returning students and our fun new 7th graders! The powder contest was intense and just a BLAST! Just so you know the powder was NOT flavored (But we shouldnโ€™t flavor it otherwise we would just be eating it ๐Ÿคช) We were thankful for creating space to meet everyoneโ€™s energy. - Donโ€™t worry I have pictures added to this blog so you can see how the night went!


We are kicking off this week with our first normal night of CHAOS! Please drop off students at door 6 that goes into the gym. There they will check in with our ipads and get name tags. This will be helpful for our new students and new leaders to learn names. 

****ATTENTION*** Naz is working on the back parking lot. Please enter in on the University side to door 6 because you will not be able to through Main St. 

Fun facts:

Did you know that Orchard Hill Church and Naz join together to lead student ministries?! We have been doing it for many years, and have enjoyed our partnership leading students to know who Jesus is and what it looks like to follow him!

Double Triple Check โœ…

If you have not registered your child for CHAOS click here for the link to register


If you as a parent want to help volunteer this year at CHAOS, click here to see what we need help in! (even if it is once a month!)


We are actually need of male leaders! If you think you would love to invest in any of our small groups as a small group leader, you can fill out the form below, or contact Brenna Lantz 712-887-0088 for any questions or information. 


Schedule and Parent Information for this year



We love to hear from you! Feel free to directly respond to this blog if you have questions or encouraging stories to share!

Register or sign your student (or a new friend) for a small group: Register HERE!



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