Never Thirst Campaign

Join the movement to raise $10,000 for a fresh water well in partnership with UCI in Bohoc, Haiti.


“For lots of people, life without clean water is just life.”

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine that kind of life. It's almost impossible not to take for granted clean water in our own lives. It’s hard to understand the importance of clean water, and what clean water can do for an individual and a community. From better health, education, to saving time and energy, clean water makes a difference for the empowerment of men and especially women in communities and villages all around the world.

For the next 4 weeks, we are going to spend time learning about clean water, why water matters physically and spiritually, and engage in different opportunities to create awareness while providing you an opportunity to respond to this crisis 

Jesus often spoke about water or used water in his teachings. In John 4, Jesus said to the woman at the well: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

The #NeverThirst Campaign is what we’re calling this movement-- and we couldn’t be more excited for you to play a part.

Our goal is to raise $10K for a fresh water well in Bohoc, Haiti at United Christians International in partnership with all of our student ministries from junior high, senior high and college-age! UCI is a long-standing international mission partner of ours and one of the places where we send teams to serve every year. In addition to providing clean water, UCI is providing hope through the Gospel of Jesus in so many surrounding communities and villages. We are very excited to come alongside them!

So here’s what we’re asking of you:

step 1:

Make a commitment to educate yourself about the water crisis: do some research online, check out a great site like charitywater, read a book, ask questions

step 2:

Respond with us financially and prayerfully for the well in Haiti.


You can also create your own fundraisers to help with the movement. Ask for support for this instead of gifts for your birthday, do a fundraising night at Coldstone or Panda and invite your friends, lead a prayer walk on campus, be creative! And then share with us what you're doing. Use hashtag NeverThirst and post on social media and invite your friends and family to join in the movement!

So we encourage you to join us in this movement to help bring water that quenches thirst and living water that never runs out!